So you want to Join the Freak Show?

Application for Freak Show is now closed. We will finish casting by April 3.

The Freak Show has pre-written characters that are unique and complex. We want to match them with active and passionate participants. Sign up will open on February 20 and will be open until March 13th.

We will cast the characters based on motivational letters. The casting process will be anonymized, which means we won’t know the name of the player requesting a character. We aim to complete casting by the end of March.

Read about the characters available here. Choose a first and second choice from the characters. If you don’t get cast in your first choice or second choice, we will suggest another free character to you. Don’t freak out.

For your first choice of character please answer the following questions:

  • Why do you want to play this character?
  • How will you make this character unique and alive?
  • How would you develop this character further?

We are looking for co-creators so our advice is to be creative and passionate.

Every character’s description proposes several leads and possibilities, some will be developed, some will not, is up to you. Add your personal touch. Delight us! We want you and your unique ideas.

Show that you want to create this with us as badly as we do, tell us what will you bring to this magical and intense experience.